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The average cost for a private tuition in Kanpur entirely depends on the subject you teach and the time you allot for classes. On the average rating; a teacher in Kanpur might earn anywhere from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1000/- on a monthly basis. You can determine the price for your classes by:

  • The location preferences
  • Your professional experience
  • The duration of your class
  • In what frequency do you offer a class (how many times a week?)

Your teachers in this platform may offer you the first class COMPLETELY FREE.

You may use the following steps to contact a Study Ground home tutor in Kanpur:

  • Find your preferred location such as the city you live in.
  • Browse through the teachers available and the courses they offer.
  • Take a look at the course details and the topics covered.
  • Finalize purchasing your class. Make payments and start learning.

In Study Ground, you can get the first class for free. Apart from that, we don’t charge money for registration purposes.

Enhance your knowledge with skills and fulfill your dreams.

To get to Study Ground Home Tutor in Kanpur, you can use the following steps:

  • Register at Study Ground (it’s free)
  • Select your location (city; town; village etc.) and search for trainers nearby
  • Choose a group of teachers and take a look at their course materials
  • Contact them via the messaging section of our portal.

Teachers of this platform can offer you the first class for free. Come join the team of Study Ground soon.

Currently, Study Ground is working with more than 200 teachers. We must also mention that the number is growing.

At Study Ground, a click will help you reach a Physics class; a biology class or a karate classes online. Join the team of Study Ground to fulfill your dreams.

Students and their parents have reviewed 10 tutors a full 5 out of 5 points.

We bring this data to you by our customer service. All the information that you see here are generated by our students on particular feedback of the classes from them.

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