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Privacy Policy

Below, you can find the latest and updated information regarding the Privacy Policy of Study Ground.

The policy aims to define how we will collect the personal data of our users and how the users are instructed to review or change them if necessary.

Read the terms and conditions of this policy likewise. The said policy will naturally mandate a set of rules that you need to follow as a user. If you don't find them useful or do prefer other terms; then our website might not help you. For communication, we might inform you about instructional points or upgrades in the policy by messages, to which your reply carries unavoidable significance.

Kindly note, that we, as a registered brand, have the right to review; add; change or delete services described in the privacy policy without notice.

Data that We Collect from Our Users and Visitors

We collect two kinds of data from our users and visitors and they are non-personal information and personal information.

The non-personal information is:

The personal information is:

We collect this information for official purposes but the data stays end-to-end encrypted. Our services have excellent antivirus security to keep this information safe and prevent identity theft, which is often referred to as ‘phishing’. We also do not share our user information with third-party vendors or websites. Although we work with certain third parties to improve our business and technical facilities, they are not offered access to your data as they are categorised as company information.

However, we might disclose this data to our internal affiliates for audits; management purposes; billing or operating on administrative projects.

Feedback Policy

Security Measures

We have updated our security measures with the strongest firewall and end-to-end encryption. But such means still do not guarantee the safety of your information because malware keeps on being updated. Although we have taken care of this issue by strengthening our security system with patches and updates, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of transferring your data to our website through our website at your own risk.

Reviewing Your Information

We allow our users to review and change information when required. You may also have a word with us about further discussions regarding the change of your information or other assistance.

Legal Actions

Study Ground may share your personal information including your financial details if it is required by the law or legal enforcement regulations.

Business Operations Exchange

When changing our services or upgrading them, we may exchange our user information for merging with another business; sales or for business transfer needs.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

We bear the right to change our regulations. If we change our privacy policy, then the changes will be applicable from the date the new policy has been launched. You will not get to access or claim anything from the previous policy on the date the new policy gets mandated.

User Choices

Just like us, you have the right to change your information or delete your profile if necessary. If you think the brand does not cultivate any improvement in your academic life, then you can deactivate and therefore erase all your personal information permanently.

However, if you track fraudulent activities with your personal data or you have questions about its use on our website, then feel free to give us a call or write a message or email. You can find the contact information at the bottom of our webpage. For more assistance, we shared it here as well:

Contact us at: +91 86701 02722

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