Why you should lose weight
David Ochieng Oduor

Why you should lose weight



   Obesity is a condition in which someone is too fat in a way that it increases the risk of heart problems and other diseases. Obesity is very unhealthy because it puts more strain on people’s heart. This condition increases blood pressure (hypertension) and cholesterol levels and can lead to diabetes. Losing weight is one of the important measures to reduce risks of heart problems and other diseases. 

   The goal of weight lose helps people make healthy lifestyle changes that improve chances of having a successful surgery. Surgeons require a lot of money and resources in order to tackle operations on overweight patient. For the success of such operations the patients are encouraged to lose weight to avoid fatal complications during surgery.

    High blood sugar level patients are at high risk of contacting tetanus because their wounds take a longer time to heal. This condition is associated with diabetes thus the wound are exposed to bacteria and germs. It is advisable to maintain weight in order to control insulin levels.

     People are more likely to develop diabetes if they are overweight than when they have normal weight. Diabetes is a chronic health condition that increases risk of developing other serious health issues like heart diseases, kidney failure and neuropathy. Reducing weight limit blood sugar levels and may reduce risk of developing diabetes.

      The extra body weight stresses and strains joints and increases the risk of developing arthritis. Losing weight reduces stress on joints cases, current aches and pains. The early one start to maintain his/her weight in the youth stages that he/ she will be comfortable in the elderly stage.

        Obesity may interfere with metabolism and sleep and wake cycle. Losing weight may reset sleep cycles so as one gets a better night of rest improving sleep habits also improves ability to take control of a person’s weight. Sleep loss increases production of appetite-stimulating hormones that trigger overeating and therefore weight gain. Getting adequate sleep at night helps maintain control over hanger and eating.

         Maintaining weight improves self-esteem and self-confidence. Appearance is one of the primary motivations for wanting to lose weight. When exercising the body releases fell-good chemicals that immediately lift a person’s mood.

        Overweight and obesity can affect a woman’s fertilityand lowers fertility in men. A woman has a greater chance of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby if she is close to a healthy weight. Weight loss can improve fertility and pregnancy health.

           Obesity and overweight can cause changes in the body thus leading to cancer. The changes may include long lasting inflammation and higher than normal levels of insulin. 

           Breast cancer after menopause is the most common obesity-associated cancer among women. Colorectal cancer is the most common obesity-associated cancer among men.

         Extra weight pushes the kidneys to work harder and filter wastes above the normal level. This extra work increases the risk for kidney diseases. Excess fat makes kidney to work harder to keep up.

        Overweight causes systemic immune impairment. When the immune system is compromised the person is vulnerable to opportunistic diseases like tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis, meningitis and flue.

         In conclusion, overweight and obesity can be avoided or managed by frequent exercise and avoiding junk foods that increases calories intake. A nutritionist is able to advise accordingly for such cases of obesity and he/she will be able to manage the situation before it escalate.


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