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About Us

Study ground is a platform for highly dedicated teachers and students. We are here to improve the process circulating knowledge between the best teachers and highly potential students. We aimed at developing the best communication amongst students and teachers. Registration is free for you to ensure you do not have to waste time to look forward for the best-fitting teacher. In the upcoming period of education, we’re going to bring in a revolution in the education world through digital platform.

It is said “ A knife can do both, finish a life or save a life ”. So why shouldn’t we try some different by utilizing digital facilities and the internet to make some difference? Let’s make the studying and teaching process the most interesting one. This inspires our moto to make sure that digital platforms are not only for wasting time by streaming videos or playing video games. Rather, you can earn while studying and teaching. In the era of education, the circumstance is going downwards because of the changing situation, which may risk your career development. We have the best solution to make sure you are aware of the area that suits you, your knowledge, your capabilities, and your interests.

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Why would you choose us?

Why choose us
  1. Our platform is totally free for everyone.
  2. Study Ground provide personalized attention
  3. Here teachers and students or parents can communicate directly.
  4. We always do our best to help everyone.
  5. Our aim is to build a simple and open education system.

How It Work?

  1. About yourself by creating your profile totally free.
  2. Complete your Profile with more details gets maximum attention from our students and parents.
  3. You will find student and parent requests in your profile.
  4. Contact us directly and give your best in the demo class to ensure tuition.
  1. You can search the section with the topics and places you need.
  2. View the profile of your favorite teacher in full and send a request.
  3. As soon as possible The teacher will contact you directly.

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